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Music is my best friend

An Interview with Musician Leif MorrisWhen he’s not surfing, skateboarding or hanging out in nature, you'll find Leif creating fresh sounds in his coastal studio. Surrounded by his much-loved tools of the trade - his electric guitar amp set up, stereo rig and effects pedals, it's pretty clear Leif likes his guitar gadgets! Through music, Leif hopes to connect and share a message of peace and harmony, inspiring others to choose their own creative path. Surfing massive waves that's also high on his to do list, but guesses he’d have to live in Hawaii or something, or he’d just die.
At 18, Leif started playing guitar and writing lyrics and within three months went from never playing, to singing original songs on stage. ‘It just hit me- this is who you are - this is your gift’ reflects Leif. The years that followed saw his music gain more groove, more feel as the compositions matured and developed. A comprehensive sound uniquely Leif was born through dedication plus countless ho…

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