Cheap Fakes - Modern Vintage

With a new album set to be released this year what better time to visit the sounds of one of my all time favourite  festival  bands, The Cheap Fakes.

Their album Modern Vintage released in 2015 is overflowing with energy and stacks of chunky brass funk...just the way I like it!

Song 2, O.D.B  is a standout with its frivolous beats which for me evoke the moments of elation I felt watching  them at Woodford Folk Festival in 2015. With their catchy vibes and suave moves there is no doubt why "its a celebration".

Just In Case, another highlight on the album with its playful qualities coupled with smooth and floaty vocals, and rather luscious instrumental moments to boot.

In its entirety this album has me riding musical waves of bliss feeling like a giddy school girl after her first kiss.

The album cover featuring a horde of quirky and eclectic vintage pieces is alone enough to make me want to hear more from this six piece band.

From my experience Cheap Fakes really are a readymade party, and this here is your invitation.

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