Felicity Lawless - Tails 

Released in April 2016

This album really took me somewhere.

Straight up Happy Ending feels like a journey through an enchanted forest as you discover flamenco dancers in flowing vibrant red dresses frolicking fireside. Transported, captivated and totally elated you join them in dance by a raging fire mesmerised as the embers glow and float into the starry sky. You know that feeling right?

The pure fantasy gypsy vision escalates as the playful instrumentals and soulful hypnotic rhythms elevate throughout Felicitys standout single Cowboy Cameraman.

I'd like to see you try to stay seated as you listen to this album. It has captured my inner pixie and left me ready to dance barefoot on the earth as I breathe in the Spanish style guitar and soaring solid vocal melodies.

Do your ears a favour a dive right in with an open heart as you hear the 'Tails' Felicity has to tell through a fantastic musical journey.

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Review as featured in Northern Rivers Loop Magazine


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