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An Interview with Musician Leif Morris

When he’s not surfing, skateboarding or hanging out in nature, you'll find Leif creating fresh sounds in his coastal studio. Surrounded by his much-loved tools of the trade - his electric guitar amp set up, stereo rig and effects pedals, it's pretty clear Leif likes his guitar gadgets! Through music, Leif hopes to connect and share a message of peace and harmony, inspiring others to choose their own creative path. Surfing massive waves that's also high on his to do list, but guesses he’d have to live in Hawaii or something, or he’d just die.

At 18, Leif started playing guitar and writing lyrics and within three months went from never playing, to singing original songs on stage. ‘It just hit me- this is who you are - this is your gift’ reflects Leif. The years that followed saw his music gain more groove, more feel as the compositions matured and developed. A comprehensive sound uniquely Leif was born through dedication plus countless hours spent jamming in such a diverse range of genres from punk rock, blues, metal, roots, psychedelic funk rock right through to acoustic bluesy material. So Leif has all the ingredients for a real musical combo that makes me hungry to hear what he might deliver next.

But let's make one thing very clear he never plays cover songs...EVER!

"I'm taking the underground path without cover songs - It wouldn't be me not to - it would be watered down something else. I want the audience to connect to the moment they are in, not recollect a memory from another gig, another time."

Leif's guitar has been with him everywhere, from the warzone in Timor and Afghanistan during his time as an Avionics Technician in the Army, to his recent trip to Canada.
‘The Army influenced my life and music massively. It made me choose to live my life freely, not in the war zone. Since my time in the Army, I have adopted the look-before-you-leap approach. Positive or negative, taking in the experience and learning from it.’

The rumors of a move to Canada have also been confirmed. Leif plans to go flat out, all in and give his music a good solid go both here in Australia and overseas. For now, he’s getting album ready and plans to record in Canada later this year with the support of a local investor who discovered Leif at an open mike gig at Jacks pub in Surrey.

When asked if he had a favourite single from his own albums, Leif decided it had to be Hidden Clause. Why?  Because it was the first time he had worked with a producer and recalls the kick of exhilaration he experienced in seeing his music transformed from a raw acoustic track he composed on the couch to a fully-fledged musical production that is still with him today. ‘It gave me a fire in the belly! Recorded in Canada in 2006, Hidden Clause ended up with 20,000-30,000 plays online. It was radio quality and it worked.’

From Leif's perspective, many of the highlights of being part of the music industry are the people. The conversations you have at 2am with musos backstage and just being part of the sub-culture and experience of being on tour. That freeing feeling of the beautiful chaos created in ‘no rules’ jam sessions which are a great chance to let it all out, to use music in a medicinal way. It’s the buzz of emotion when you are onstage and know the audience is there for you, the interaction with genuine fans and supporters, validation that people are digging what you’re doing.

‘The ultimate would be to inspire someone, or to write a song that outlives me.  You know, one they are still playing in 100 years.  That would be pretty cool!  Life has told me to get your music back out there… and I've listened."

Get ready to catch Leif at one of his Northern Rivers gigs early this year before he heads off to Canada.

Or visit his website for a sample at

As featured in Northern Rivers Loop Magazine February 2017


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