Photography Tips and tricks

A Few Tricks

Every now and then a computer program comes along and I wonder what I did before I had it. Anyone looking for an easy way to transfer large files, photos and more?
Allow me to introduce you to my friend 'Dropbox'. Dropbox and I have been great friends for sometime and I thought I should share the love :) Dropbox allows file sharing between computers, its just like having it there in your own folder whenever you need it, whatever computer you are on. While it is a great asset for someone in my business, it is also a valuable tool to share photos of a printable quality with family or friends who live on the other side of the country or even the world! Well here it is, shake hands and enjoy....

Speaking of photos, I had a visit from a determined up and coming young photographer this afternoon and felt inspired to clean out the garage. The remnants of my photography business have left the building! It was great to see inspired focus and delight in the eyes of a fresh photographer as he held his first DSLR and Ikelite underwater housing. It is with that in mind I have decided to share a few photographic tips with you.

  • Keep your horizon straight when taking a shot. Unless of course you're being purposely quirky ;)
  • Divide your photo into thirds with two imaginary lines vertically and two lines horizontally to achieve the "rule of thirds" this compositional rule is also relevant to painting and design. This works on the theory that the human eye is naturally drawn to intersecting points that occur when an image is split into thirds.
  • On most cameras your flash is designed to be used approx 3m away from the subject
  • If you want to get serious about photography always use your camera with the manual (M) settings. Yes that's right bye bye Auto (A) or Progam (P).
  • Get familiar with f-stops, shutter speed, and ISO.
The word photography is derived from Greek terms phot- "light" and graphos - "drawing". So have fun, experiment and enjoy drawing with light.

Until next time....

Graffix by Tracey


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